Hunter Communications Consulting Group, LLC

Broadcast Technical Specialists

Excerpts from letter of reference:

It was a distinct pleasure and fortune for us to have benefited from Paul’s consultancy services when he visited Anguilla late last year... We are grateful to Paul for checking the equipment when it arrived in Anguilla to ensure the order was fully met. ...and for working through the night and the following day to install the new Console Board in the main studio. We thank him on behalf of His Excellency The Governor through whose Office the funds for the equipment were made available.

- Nat Hodge, Director, Radio Anguilla, BWI

In 1979, Paul purchased the equipment for High Adventure Ministries, and supervised the installation of the transmitter and studio facilities, after which I tested and commissioned the antenna combiner system. As before, Paul showed broad experience in broadcast engineering and helped solve the unusual problems we encountered there.

- J. Gordon Elder, P. Eng., Elder Engineering Inc., King City, Ontario Canada.

As was needed many times, Paul was instrumental with the liaison work with Federal and State Government officials for the proper licensing and operations of the facilities within their specific guidelines. We have worked on International Broadcast projects in the Middle East, South Pacific, Anguilla, British West Indies, and Dallas Texas. All the projects we have been involved in were completed on time and close to the projected budget, and are operating today at full capacity. His experience is also unmatched.

- David Lawrence, International Broadcast Consultant for University Network.

I have known Paul for close to 20 years now. I have seen his work in the construction of the 100 kW short-wave station in Simi Valley and am aware of both his engineering skills, particularly in the field of RF engineering, as well as his management capabilities.

- Richard W. Burden, President, Richard W. Burden Associates, Canoga Park, CA.

Paul Hunter was one of the key people in helping to bring us to where we are today. He served for 14 years as our Vice President and Director of Engineering. Paul was responsible for departmental management,budgets,design and installation of studio and technical facilities on the AM & FM dials.

- Johnny Lombardi, President/CEO, CHIN Radio/TV International. Toronto, Canada.

I serve in Missions in the Marshall Islands, 2300 miles southwest of Hawaii. ...I shared with Paul the vision and asked if he could assist me in the project. After a period of time and great effort, Paul located a transmitter worth $33,000 and donated it to Paul Hensene, the local visionary, and his church. This has been an incredible journey with High Adventure Ministries and Paul Hunter has served tirelessly and without remuneration as consultant for over two years. ...joined with his expertise and knowledge of the technical side of radio ministry, makes him a valuable asset to God’s Kingdom and any organization that he is a part of.

- Florence Sasser, Charismedia Ministries, Majuro, Marshall Islands.  

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