Hunter Communications Consulting Group, LLC

Broadcast Technical Specialists

List of completed projects:

  • New AM, FM, TV antenna system, Pacific Omni International, suppliers of the Armed Forces Radio Network Project, in South Korea
  • New digital automation and studios, KFFF AM & FM in Boone, Iowa
  • 100 KW Shortwave Facility, KHBN in the Republic of Palau, South Pacific
  • New 100 KW Shortwave Radio Station, KAIJ in Dallas Texas
  • New 100 KW Shortwave Facility, Caribbean Beacon in Anguilla, British West Indies
  • 600 W FM Radio Facility, in Liberia, West Africa
  • 10 KW, 9-Tower AM Radio Station, CJOE in London, Ontario, Canada
  • 50 KW Shortwave Facility, KVOH in Simi Valley, California
  • 50 KW AM, 25 KW & 10 KW International Shortwave Facility, Voice of Hope, in the Middle East
  • New 50 KW Shortwave facility, Voice of South Sudan, in South Sudan
  • Chief Engineer for KPMR TV from Jan 2006 until retiring from Full time in June 2013 (also included overseeing installation of new digital TV studios and transition to HD Transmission)